Our Customers Are Particular About Auto Protection. So Are We.

Because we’re proud of our car bras, we thought we’d highlight some customer comments to give you an idea of the quality service and workmanship you’ll receive when you trust your vehicle to Clear Auto Bra.

“I purchased a 2016 C7R Z06 – number 240 of 500 made. My son has had several of his cars protected by Clear Auto bra and swears by it. I was very impressed by Mark and his staff. The Clear Bra protected my paint during a Corvette Days Track event. I so happy I had my entire C7R Z06 protected.” 

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– Wayne C. White, Pahrump, Nevada

“I have been doing business with Mark since 2009. And in that time, Clear Auto Bra has done my 2009 Chevy Tahoe, 2011 ZR1 Corvette, 2012 Cadillac Escalade, and, yes, he’s even going to do my Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide. I can assure you that I am VERY meticulous with my vehicles. Mark has proven his talent time and time again without flaw. It is truly ‘Quality Protection You’ll Never See.’ Anyone who has a vehicle, car or motorcycle that they hate to get rock chips on, there is no better method than Clear Auto Bra.”

– Vince F., Ballwin, Mo.

“As a self-proclaimed detailing fanatic, I am obsessed with taking care of my cars. I like to take shiny to a new level. And I want it to stay that way for as long as possible. Clear Bra is an obvious solution to protecting my investment. The virtually invisible film keeps my cars perfect — and me looking like a hero. But the real key to achieving this level of perfection is choosing the right installer. Mark is the right guy. He does all my cars (Porsche 993, Porsche Cayman S, BMW, Mini Cooper S, Audi S4). He’s as much of a fanatic for detail as I am. And Mark has skills. Amazing skills that give you results that you can get nowhere else. Trust me. Clear Auto Bra can make you look like a detailing hero, too.”

– Brad B., University City, Mo.

“I am blessed with two BMWs — one (BMW Z4) four years, the other (BMW 135) two years old. I happened to see Clear Auto Bra’s work at a detail clinic, and said, ‘Now that is what I need.’ Mark has done both cars, and these cars get driven. They have been spared those little chips and dings, the ‘road-rash’ that always comes from city or country roads. The cars still look new. Mark at Clear Auto Bra is superb in quality workmanship and integrity, and he stands behind his work. The fit and finish is top drawer, lasts, and most viewers never even know the 3M product is on the car. He also covered the 1 Series Bimmer’s top with black 3M FlexPaint, which allows me to have my gloss finish instead of the vinyl ‘wrap-look.’ I can wax the product, and it is removable should I ever have the need. I highly recommend Clear Auto Bra.”

– M. L., Ill.

“Clear Auto Bra St. Louis has been my choice for many years. Paint protection and window tint for my Mercedes, Porsche and pick-ups have been flawless, on time and with great service. Over the past five years I have had more than seven vehicles done with Clear Bra and tint, and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

– Jason J., Kirkwood, Mo.

“Mark at Clear Auto Bra has always been a great guy to do business with. He has installed clear bras on four of my cars over the last few years, including a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo for which no pattern exists. He has also tinted the windows on two of our cars. He always gets the job done quickly, courteously, at a fair price and with a very high standard of quality. There are several clear bra installers in the Midwest, but I always trust my cars to Mark because of the care he takes. When he is done, there are no air bubbles under the film, no cuts on my paint and the car is well-protected from the rocks and other debris on the road. The products he sells are the best quality available and have protected my paint from all but the worst for over 230,000 combined miles. I will not put a new car into service without a clear bra from Mark and Clear Auto Bra.”

– Steve W., St. Louis, Mo.

“We had Mark at Clear Auto Bra install the clear bra on our 2008 Chevy Corvette and our 2009 Acura RDX. Our son had Mark install it on his 2009 Acura TSX. There is not a visible rock chip on them — and I have over 60K miles on the RDX. Last week we bought a new Audi A5 and went directly from the dealer to see Mark to get the window’s tinted and the clear bra installed. He did a perfect job. Just this morning, my son took his new GMC Sienna to Mark to get clear bra installed and the windows tinted. Now if this doesn’t say how much we like Clear Auto Bra in St. Louis, nothing does.”

– Nick and Linda G., Waterloo, Ill.

“Mark has installed the Clear Auto Bra on three of my cars and I’ve been saved countless rock chips and other scrapes. I’ve been very impressed with the degree of skill and detailed care Mark puts into his work. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to protect their car.”

– Steve S., O’Fallon, Mo.

“Being a major “car guy” and detailer for 40 years, I have had the pleasure of associating myself with only those specialists who are truly considered to be the best at what they do. Mark Parafiniuk and Clear Auto Bra exemplify what I personally look for in a company that is going to perform work on one of my cars. Mark is trustworthy, utilizes products of the highest quality, has a facility and waiting room that is comfortable and clean, while maintaining competitive pricing.”

“As all who know me can attest, I am very, very particular about my vehicles. With this being said, I have absolutely no problem with Mark performing any work whatsoever on them.”

“I recently had Clear Auto Bra install film protection and window tint on my wife’s brand new Audi A3. The workmanship was exceptional. I would recommend Mark Parafiniuk and Clear Auto Bra for all of your paint protection requirements, as well as whatever window tinting services you so desire.”

– Rick Siefert, President, St. Louis Gateway Section, Mercedes-Benz Club of America