Paint Protection Film

Clear Auto Bra uses the industry’s highest quality materials to ensure that your vehicle can withstand road debris, weather elements, rock chips, and UV rays among other benefits.

Our XPEL paint protection films are engineered to offer years of protection and act as a sacrificial barrier between your vehicles paint and the elements that can damage it. There is no other option when it comes to those looking for ultra clear, high performance protection.

Using computer-designed templates and custom coverage kits, we fit your vehicle to ensure top of the line protection and installation. Whether you are looking for full body coverage or just the high impact areas, we are happy to accommodate any of your needs.

We offer customer installation on transportation modes beyond your everyday vehicles – We install and design kits for RVs, boats, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs!

Backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty, XPEL covers issues that may arise in the case of discoloration, cracking, fading, and delamination on any of their films.

It does not protect against physical damages caused by paint chips, deep scratching, dents and dings, or harsh weather referred to as wear and tear. Vehicle accidents and accidental physical damages (backing into a pole, brushing against a garage door entry, scraping a curb, etc…) are not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Film is offered in two finishes – XPEL has films that offer a gloss finish, matching the paint color and sheen from the factory as well as a matte finish which matches the factory paint color but changes the overall appearance.

When done in combination with XPEL FUSION ceramic coating, you’re vehicle will stay looking great with the ultimate level of protection against all elements.

Paint Protection Benefits

Heat activated self-healing topcoat

When exposed to heat and sunlight, the topcoat will properties work to eliminate minor scratching and swirl marks

Hydrophobic surface with invisible clarity

Given the clarity of paint protection films, there is no distinguishable difference between the surfaces that are protected from those that are not

Impact resistant film durability

At 8mil thick, XPEL paint protection film offers superior protection between your vehicle’s paint and roadway debris it may come in contact with

Clear Bra Coverage Options

We offer a variety of coverage options to suit a customer’s needs and budget. We utilize machine cut patterns for maximum protection and customization. When necessary, our certified technicians will use bulk installation and custom cut patterns for vehicles that are older in model or one of a kind. No job is too big or too small, protecting anything from the front bumper to the entire vehicle.

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