We want you to feel confident about our installation methods and the materials we use. The Clear Auto Bra FAQs below will address some of your questions.

Q: How is the Clear Auto Bra applied?

A: The urethane film comes to us in bulk form and we computer cut designs to exactly fit various surfaces. For older model vehicles or one-of-a-kind applications we will had fit or create templates to utilize for the installation.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: The film comes with a 10-year factory warranty which comes with both parts and installation. We only employ certified installers, to ensure that our clients leave our shop completely satisfied with our service and workmanship. XPEL’s warranties are non-transferable to new owners.

Q: Will a Clear Auto Bra stop bug acid from etching a painted or clear coat surface?

A: The acidic reaction from bugs does not affect the surface of the film the same way it affects the paint, so the residue can be washed off with car soap and water easier than it would be from the paint. Never leave bug splatters on the auto bra for an extended period of time, as it may stain the film as well. For tough to loosen debris, it is recommended to use Simple Green solution.

Q: How long does it take to install a Clear Auto Bra?

A: Installation will vary. Much depends on the amount of coverage and the particular vehicle. It usually takes couple of hours to a full day, but small jobs can take just an hour. Large jobs or full vehicle protection can take up to 5 days on average.

Q: Will paint fade differently under the Clear Auto Bra than on the rest of the vehicle?

A: Our invisible bra films are UV Stable, so the sun discolors the entire vehicle at the same rate. As long as you maintain the vehicle’s paint on a regular basis, washing and waxing, there will be no discernable difference.

Q: Will a Clear Auto Bra really help prevent stones from chipping the paint?

A: Yes. The urethane film is energy absorbent and should take the brunt of physical debris that may come up the surface of the vehicle.

Q: Can you see the film after it has been applied?

A: The film is 99.5 percent optically clear and virtually invisible to detect.

Q: Can the Clear Auto Bra be removed?

A: Yes, the Clear Auto Bra is removable, but it is not reusable. When removed properly, there are very low chances of paint or clear coat damage on a vehicle with factory/OEM paint. On vehicles that have had body work and been repainted or clear coated, there is always a chance of pulling it off with the film.

Q: Is it safe to use a pressure washer?

A: There is a 72 hour full cure time once paint protection is installed. During this 72 hours it is advised to not wash the vehicle. After the film has cured, you can use a high pressure sprayer however make sure to stay 36 inches away from the surface and away from the edges of the paint protection films. If high pressure water gets under the surface, it will lift the film and more than likely tear through it or remove the adhesive backing. This is not covered by XPEL’s warranty.