2005 Chevy SSR invisible rock chip guard 3M paint protection film St. Charles

2005 Chevy SSR invisible rock chip guard 3M paint protection film St. CharlesClear Auto Bra LLC – recently installed the invisible rock chip guard 3M paint protection film on this 2005 Chevy SSR.

The new owner from St. Peters, MO in St. Charles County had his 2012 Ford Edge Sport protected by us before.  It was his dream since 2004 to own an SSR.  Finaly, he found one the way he wanted.  After flying out to Texas and a long drive back to St. Peters, he had his 2005 Chevy SSR in the garage.  Shortly after, he brought it to Clear Auto Bra for invisible rock chip protection film.

The Chevy SSR was protected with the invisible rock chip and bug acid guard from 3M over the hood, fenders, full front bumper and sides (rocker panels).  Door edges, door caps, and headlights were also added to the package.  The work was completed in the top of the line Schotchgard film from 3M.

Once you get the vehicle that has been on your mind for years, make a point to protect it.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment and visit us to determine the best way and the appropriate package to fit your driving needs and lifestyle best.  Isn’t it worth to protect your new toy from being chipped?  Isn’t it best to let Clear Auto Bra do the work for you?

As a premier installer of quality “invisible” film bras, Clear Auto Bra uses the industry’s finest, professionally installed car protection materials, and we employ expert, certified, trained technicians to ensure that your vehicle will stay showroom perfect and well-protected from the elements for years to come. It is clearly a smart investment in the life of your car, SUV, van, RV, truck, boat or motorcycle.

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