2012 Honda Odyssey Full Front Protection

2012 Honda Odyssey Full Front ProtectionClear Auto Bra LLC – recently added the Full Front Protection on this 2012 Honda Odessey Touring. The owner Wayne White located in St Louis, MO took the van on a 2000 + mile road trip and was amazed that there were no chips any where on the van. Here is his testimonial.

“I was behind multiple trucks and I heard sand hitting the car and windshield. After I returned home and I washed the van, there was no chips anywhere on my van. I am excited about this product and I will never purchase the black factory cloth bras again. I want you to do my 2011 Honda Accord the same exact way. Thanks!”

Wayne M. White
St. Louis Missouri

Areas that are protected with the Clear film for total protection:
Full hood, full fenders, head lights, driving lights, door jams and rear bumper.


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