Clear 3M Film Paint Protection St Louis

Clear 3M Film Paint Protection St Louis by Clear Auto Bra LLCClear 3M Film Paint Protection on 2011 Black Honda Accord was installed by Clear Auto Bra LLC for the owner located in St Louis, MO. The owner was thrilled with the results, here is his testimonial.

“Hello Mark, You did such an awesome job on my 2012 Honda Odyssey Van, I brought back my 2011 Black Honda Accord EX. Thanks a TON for applying the 3M clear protective film to the entire front end and to the door handles to add total paint protection and keep my car looking great against the rocks and other items that the paint can be chipped by.

matte black rear top of bumper protectionIn addition, the matte black vinyl film that you applied to the rear top bumper trunk area to protect it from future scuffs was incredible. I will be back on future cars thanks!”

Wayne M. White
St. Louis, Missouri

Areas that are protected with the 3M Clear film for total paint protection:
Full hood, entire front bumper, full fenders, head lights, driving lights, door jams and rear bumper.


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