St. Louis Clear Film Paint Protection added to 2011 Honda Accord

3M Clear Film Paint Protection Honda AccordClear Film Paint Protection was added to a black 2011 Honda Accord by Clear Auto Bra LLC located in St Louis, MO in July 2012. The owner had 6000 miles on the car and wanted to keep from getting anymore rock chips on the front of his car. He had used the factory cloth bra he purchased form the dealer but was frustrated when the bra started flapping against the hood/paint at higher speeds and was leaving a wear mark along the edge even though it was only used on long driving trips (not daily). Protection that was applied: entire hood, headlights, entire fenders and bumper. The owner was concerned how the clear film would look on a black car as black shines and reflects when it is clean.
factory cloth bra on honda accord thousands of bugsTalking about factory cloth bras – they only protect part of the surface as shown in this photo the client provided before he asked us to apply the clear film protection. When the entire hood, bumper, fenders and headlights are protected – this protects the entire front from unwanted rock chips. Here’s a photo of this client’s car with the factory cloth bra on that he sent me to use as an example.
Since then, I have talk to this client multiple times and he cannot stop talking about how much he loves the 3M Clear Film Paint Protection that we installed on both of his cars (2001 Honda Accord and 2012 Honda Odessey). He even said that the clear film on the black accord has no swirls or surface scratches and looks better than the painted surface not protected as he has waxed the car as we have suggested. He really wishes that the entire car was wrapped with the clear film.

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