Honda Accord V6 Coupe HFP clear film paint protection St Louis

2013 Honda Accord HFP V6 CoupeClear Auto Bra located in St. Louis, MO recently completed the Xpel clear protection film installation on the entire car of a 2013 Black Honda Accord V6 Coupe with the Honda Factory Performance® (HFP®) package. The owner is a repeat customer and loves how our clear film protects his paint from chips and surface scratches. He loves the film so much, he wanted the entire car protected as the film does not show all the surface scratches that the black paint normally does without our clear film. In addition to the clear film we also tinted the windows and blacked out the grill and chrome badges.

Here are some photos we took during the install to show how we apply the clear film. (Coming Soon!)

The clear film paint protection on this Accord included the entire car: full hood with full fenders, full front bumper, headlights, roof, deck lid spoiler, side under body spoiler, front under body spoiler, rear under body spoiler, rocker panels and the rear bumper. I asked the owner if he wanted his black touch up paint back from the previous black Accord. He said: “No as you have protected all the surfaces, I should be good.”

Take a look at our Vehicles Completed section for a sample selection of different Honda’s and other vehicles we have completed in the recent past.  We are the “go to” installers for the clear auto bra in the St Louis!

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