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  • Published On: October 28, 2013Categories: Mercedes Benz, News

    Clear Auto Bra just performed an installation of the auto bra paint protection film on this newly redesigned 2014 Mercedes E550. The film was added to the front part of the hood, front part of the fenders, entire front bumper, top of the rear bumper, headlights, mirrors, and door edges.  XPel Ultimate Self Healing was used for the installation.  All possible edges were [...]

  • Published On: October 17, 2013Categories: Mercedes Benz, News, Social

      Clear Auto Bra just finished auto bra installation on this newly redesigned 2014 Mercedes E350 Sport. One of your newest partners, a Mercedes Benz Dealership from Columbia, MO requested our services for one of their clients who just purchased his new Mercedes.  The vehicle was transported to Nebraska soon after the installation has been completed. [...]

  • Published On: September 9, 2013Categories: Mercedes Benz, News, Social

    Clear Auto Bra just outfitted this brand new 2014 Mercedes E350 with paint protection film. The film was installed on the front bumper, front part of the hood, fenders, and mirrors.  All edges were wrapped where possible.  Door edges and rear bumper top protection was added as well. This repeat client from Carbondale, Illinois had [...]

  • Published On: January 17, 2012Categories: BMW, Mercedes Benz, News

    Clear Auto Bra LLC – recently added the paint protection film on a 2012 Mercedes E550 and a 2013 BMW 328.  The paint protection film was fitted on both vehicles to the front part of the hood, entire front bumper, front part of the fenders to match the coverage installed on the hood.  Mirrors and door edges were also fitted for added protection. The paint protection film was manufactured by XPel.  We only [...]