Clear Auto Bra Wraps Maryland Heights Fire Truck in Protective Clear Film

Clear Auto Bra – St Louis premier Clear Film paint protection company – recently protected one of the Maryland Heights Fire District Trucks. Clear Auto Bra generously donated this installation to the firehouse, as a way to thank the fire men and women for so bravely protecting our city every single day.

Our special, protective clear film comes in all shapes and sizes. For this particular wrap, we had to use large rolls in order to cut 30-foot sections. The fire engine we wrapped, which was five years old, had plenty of surface scratches and blemishes which were buffed out before applying the film. This extra step allowed the paint job to look brand new before applying the film, so these areas could be protected from future scuffs and scrapes. Since fire engines are quite massive, the upper areas of the truck were the most marked up as they take a beating from the trees on the city streets. Now, the truck looks brand-new, almost like it’s never been to a fire before.

Wrapping an entire fire engine in clear protection film took three of our experienced technicians less than a day to install on location. Being on site gave the fire department the flexibility to take the truck out to an emergency site if needed; luckily, that was not the case! The Fire Chief was so thrilled with the end results, he wants to get the next brand-new fire engine completely protected before it ever hits the road.

As you can see, our protective film can be applied to any type of vehicle, no matter the size. Call Clear Auto Bra today or fill out our form to get a quote for your unique vehicle. Oftentimes, people ask us, “Does this film really protect my paint from getting chips?” The answer is yes! The film takes the damage and protects whatever painted surface is underneath.

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