How do I remove bugs off my clear bra in St. Louis St. Charles

How do I remove bugs off my clear bra St. Louis St. CharlesHow do I clean and remove bugs off my clear bra?

We recommend similar steps as cleaning the surface of the vehicle.  First, use car wash soap to remove surface dirt from the paint protection film and other surfaces.  We strongly recommend using microfiber towel or mitt.  In extra dirty areas or bugs that splattered and dried hard, soak with soap and wipe.  Repeat that step as necessary.  You may also use Dawn liquid dish soap with water.  Keep in mind that Dawn will remove wax off your car, so those areas may need to be rewaxed.  You may use clay bar, but only blue and fresh.  Using dirty bar may cause damage and scratch the paint protection film.  Use quick detailer, wax or other protectant as needed.

How do I remove bugs off my clear bra St. Louis St. CharlesIt is a simple process.  Try not to leave bugs on the film for too long, especially in a warm weather.  The film may be stained and depending on the material, the stains may be parmanent, just like on the vehicles clear coat.

Please contact us with any additional questions.  We will be happy do disscuss it with you.

The paint protection film has been put on the surfaces as a sacrificial material to take abuse that would otherwise be caused to the paint of the your car, truck or SUV.

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