2016 C7R Z06 protected at Spring Mountain Motor Sports Corvette Track Day

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Z06 protected at Spring Mountain Motor Sports Corvette.

Last year in January 2016, a new client from Pahrump, Nevada found and purchased a limited edition 2016 C7R Z06 (1 of 500 produced) in Indianapolis, IN, and drove it to our shop before he drove it home.

We protected the entire car with Xpel Ultimate Self-Healing film, including matte film for the matte C7R edition and Jake decals on the roof and the hood. This was the first time having a car protected, but his son who lives in St. Louis is a long time and repeat customer so he was familiar with our service and product. Click on the image to the right to see the installation of the film on the 2016 C7R Z06.

Customers always ask:
“how well does the film protect the paint?”

This is where the story really gets interesting.

On May 7th and 8th 2016, Spring Mountain Motor Sports located in Pahrump, Nevada held a special event open to all Corvette owners for a Corvette days track event where you pay a fee to bring your corvette to the track. So this client and his son took both of his corvettes — 2016 C7R Z06 and a 2007 Z06 — to this event.

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The client was driving his new C7R and having a blast until he slid off the track at 70 mph into the desert rock and gravel sideways!
Yes, the right side of the car had thousands of rock chips down the right side. The son who has all his cars wrapped by Clear Auto Bra reassured his father that he will now see how well this film works.

The son emailed us photos from the track, and we asked, “Is that dirt?” The reply was “No, those are all chips in the film.

Rock chips protected C7R Z06Rock chips protected C7R Z06

Here are photos of the damage taken after the incident at the track.

Clear Auto Bra removing the damaged filmAfter looking at his schedule, the client decided to drive the C7R back to St. Louis and have Clear Auto Bra repair the damaged film, even though we suggested an installer in the Las Vegas area to take a look at the damage. Upon arrival, we removed the damaged film while the client was watching and crossing his fingers.

We found NO permanent damage to the areas protected by the film showing all the chips!

The client was relieved and amazed that no paint work was needed on the rare C7R. The damaged film was replaced and the car looks like it did when we first wrapped it and is ready for the next race that he plans to go to.

2016 C7R Z06 NO damage to paint

The photos and story were provided by the client who wanted to share how well this film works in case anyone has any doubts.

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